Book Signing

Book Signing


Forester Hogg’s Book Signing, which was originally scheduled for December 6th and got snowed out, will happen this Friday, December 20th, at Planters Coffeehouse in Henderson.

Mr. Hogg will be signing copies of his book ROXANA from 11:00 am to 3:00 pm. If you know anyone who might like to attend, we ask that you please pass this on to them.  Planters Coffeehouse is located at 130 North Main Street, Henderson, KY.

Click here for more info, about Forester Hogg or about ROXANA.

Mr. Hogg will be upstairs at Planters, where there’s a fireplace and comfortable chairs, so come on by, grab a cup of Planters gourmet coffee, and come up and visit a while.

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